onsdag 11. juli 2012

Collaboration - Colorful pin up girl

So you may remember I told you about an exiting collaboration a few days ago.

I was SO happy when the girl behing Glittergirlc.com, Cecilie, wanted to cooperate with me! She is such a sweetheart, and she is extremely talented!!!
And hey....we both represent Norway. Lol. =)

We decided that it would be cool to mix two themes; Tagging and Pin up. We both love strong colorful eyeshadows, so this sounded like allot of fun.
I`ve never seen something like that before either.

.Anyway, here`s the tagging picture we took color inspiration from:

Mix that with a little pin up.....
And this is what happens:

My work:

Products used:

Mac paint pot in Soft ochre
Nyx jumbo pencil in Milk
Sugarpill`s Flamepoint
Sugarpill`s Afterparty
Sugarpill`s Midori
Sugarpill`s Tako
Coastal Scents 88 palette
Gel liner from Maybelline NY

And this is Cecilie`s BEAUTIFUL look:

I just LOVE how creative she is, and how intense the colors are!!! I mean...have you seen anything like this before? It`s just.... BAH. Gorgeous!
<3 Don`t forget to stop by her page for more pictures of her look,
and a list of products used. <3

I just wanna thank you Cecilie, you are one of my biggest inspirations. You are one of a kind!
Don`t ever stop being awesome! And I hope we can "get together" for another look in the future! =)

<3 Stay smashing people <3

Tutorial - Edgy eyeshadow.

I don`t know about you guys, but I love to experiment with makeup. So I made this tutorial for you. This is not hard to do, and it doesn`t take allot of time. And ofc you can always use other colors.

As always, start with a primer, from the lid up to the brow. This is IMPORTANT. Can`t say this enough. Hehe...

Step one: To get a sharp outer line use a tape on the outer part of the eye.
Apply a sticky black base on the lid and blend it up to the crease.

Step two: Now apply a black eyeshadow on top of the black base, this will set the eyeshadow.

Step three: Take an eyeshadow close to your skintone and blend it out in the crease along with the black, using back and forth motions.

Step four: This is where the fun begins!! Take a yellow eyeshadow (I used Buttercupcake from Sugarpill), and apply it in the crease.

Step five: Place some white eyeshadow on the browbone, and blend it with the yellow.

Step six: Draw on your eyebrows if you need to. Remove the tape, and apply some eyeliner on your waterline, and lower lashline. Remember to blend it out a little bit.

Step seven: Apply some pink eyeshadow on your lower lashline, and blend it out with the black. Then I took some Nyx Jumbo pencil in milk on a small makeupbrush and made two lines in the outer corners of my eye. I also applied some of the same pink over it.

Now all you have to do is to put on some mascara, and false lashes if you want to. And you are done. =)

Products used:

Mac paint pot in softe ochre
Nyx Jumbo pencil in black bean
Coastal scents 88 palette
Sugarpill`s Dollipop (Pink)
Sugarpill`s Buttercupcake (Yellow)
Sugarpill`s Tako (White)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

<3 Stay smashing <3

lørdag 7. juli 2012

A little course in blending:

There are allot of you that have asked me how I blend my eyeshadows, so this one is for you guys! I decided to do a black smokey eye this time, but I always use the same blending method.
What I find extremely important about blending, is that you have to have at least one eyeshadow that`s close to your skintone. This is important because the effect of the blending get`s more natural this way. And ofc you don`t have to use black eyeshadow, you can use the color you want. Just make sure you have an eyeshadow close to your own skincolor, and an eyeshadow close to the lidcolor you choose to use.

For this look I will use three colors, all from my Coastal Scents 88 palette. And yes, the right one is very well used, but for a good reason. Heheh...Let`s call the one on the left for number 1, and the one on the right for number 2. I also used the matt black from this palette.

Allrighty then? Let`s get on with it. =)

Before u start: Remember to always use a primer to get the best results, and to prevent everything from creasing. I use the Mac paint pot in Soft ohcre. Apply this from lid up to brow, and under the eye if necessary.

Step one: Apply a sticky base (eyeliner, jumbo pencil or whatever you like to use) on the lid up to your crease, add a little under the eye as well, like this:

Step two: Apply the eyeshadow you want on top of the sticky base, this will set your eyeshadow.

Step three: So here`s where the blending starts. Take shadow number two and start working it into the crease along with the black. Move your brush back and forth in the direction as shown, till you are satisfied with the result.

Step four: Now actually the hard work is over. What you are going to do now, is to take shadow number 1 and place that from the crease and up to the brow. This will make the results even better.

Can you see the difference between the last two pictures? It may be hard to notice, but it will make a huge difference, and look so much better. I promise. After you have done this, it`s up to you if you want to line your waterline with an eyeliner, or put on some false eyelashes. I chose not to do this for this look. I just put a little mascara on, and did my brows. =) And this is the finished result.

So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If there`s anything you`d like to know, just ask me here, or on my faceook page @Easymakeup makeupblog.